​Hope is Growing 2021 Photo Essay Program


Baldur - Landscaped Areas - CIB MB Photo Essay Content 2021

Landscaped Areas

Hope was grown in Baldur when the community was inspired by the CiB  promotion of visible signs of hope.  The Flower Committee advertised the concept of yellow flowers and asked for donations of yellow plants for our informal park of raised beds.  We were overwhelmed with the interest and generosity of individuals and businesses that helped us create eight cheerful yellow beds on the south of Hwy 23.  The trees and benches provide a cosy spot to sit and reflect at Hope Gardens.

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Heritage Conservation

Baldur volunteer organizations maintain several historical buildings including the United Church built in 1904.  A small environmentally conscious group keeps this beautiful building and yard looking fresh and inviting.  They collect rainwater for their flower beds and this season planted a bright display of hopeful yellow marigolds.  

Baldur - Urban Forestry - CIB MB Photo Essay Content 2021

Urban Forestry

The LUD of Baldur regularly accesses a provincial grant for new trees.  Some years the new trees replace some that have died but this year six Little Leaf Lindens were planted in a new residential area before the houses were even built.  Regular watering was arranged for these young trees through the Flower Committee.  The photo shows young Lindens and a Maple planted between very mature trees on highway 23 which runs right through our village.

Baldur - Environmental Action - CIB MB Photo Essay Content 2021

Environmental Action

The Flower Committee project for 2021 was the remaking of the disintegrating and unsafe flower bed at the east BALDUR sign.  Grade 9 &10 students helped with the demolition and cleanup in June.  The new bed which is located at the edge of a farmer’s field just off the highway is being planned to fit into its natural environment with eventual reliance on rain to keep it going.  We will use plants that thrive in an xeriscape environment.  Interesting rocks have been donated by an avid gardener.  The selecting of native grasses and both native and non-native herbaceous perennials is in process.

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In July the big flower bed at Veteran Park was tidied up. The wooden border was falling apart and the weeds were having a hay day among the bricks in the surrounding walkways.  Credit Union employees who regularly volunteer to help the Flower Committee got down on their hands and knees and cleaned up the bricks.  A local volunteer built a new wooden border and put down hardscape sand between the border and the bricks.  The results are a tidy and impressive reno with lots of community input. 

Baldur - Floral Displays - CIB MB Photo Essay Content 2021

Floral Displays

In keeping with Baldur’s predominant theme of pink petunias this photo demonstrates the use of an historic farm implement to showcase their prolific beauty.  CiB challenged us to try a color which is minimally used by us.  Using a new color also meant trying different plants.  It was interesting that nearly all of the donations were from the family Asteraceae – so many beautiful daisies, marigolds, and mums! This was a learning experience and we were so encouraged by the many local gardeners who also made a point of including yellow cheer this year.