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East St. Paul

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Landscaped Areas

Community efforts to make plants an element of surroundings; colour, texture, regional suitability, native species and maintenance: The RM of East St Paul has undertaken work within Swistun Family Heritage Park to ensure the preservation and beauty of the park continues into the future. RM Mayor and Council have committed to a 4-year naturalization and tree planting program within the park as part of our Climate Change and Adaptation


Key goals and reasoning behind this initiative include:

  • park beautification and improved landscape diversity
  • creating opportunities for public education ∙ increased native biological diversity
  • increased shaded areas
  • better representation of the region’s natural history
  • reduced maintenance requirements
  • investment will reduce operational maintenance costs in the future
  • long-term benefits will positively affect the climate and surrounding
  • investment will affirm the RM’s climate action commitment

Areas of opportunity are organized into five (5) Naturalization Zones defined by planting recommendations and existing conditions. The recommendations for work generally involve the establishment of a mix of forest canopy and understory vegetation and native grass plantings. Most sites are situated either immediately adjacent to, or easily within view of, park trails.

The five zones described below:

  • Zone 1: Turf Conversion to Native Tall Grass Prairie Plantings
  • Zone 2: Tree/Shrub Plantings in Manicured or Existing Low Maintenance Areas ∙
  • Zone 3: Reinforcement Seeding into Naturally Regenerating Sites
  • Zone 4: Botanical Garden
  • Zone 5: Reinforcement Tree/Shrub Plantings into Naturally Regenerating Site
RM of East St Paul - Heritage Conservation - CIB MB Photo Essay Content 2021

Heritage Conservation

Efforts to preserve built heritage; natural and cultural heritage: In 2021, the RM of East St Paul renamed Silver Springs Park to Swistun Family Heritage Park. The Swistun Family has deep roots with the East St Paul community and their efforts to improve the community continues today. “The Pit”, now known as the Swistun Family Heritage Park started its history in 1870 when the Canadian Pacific Railway removed limestone for rail ballast. Further blasting and excavation took place in the early 1900’s and in 1970; the local Swistun family purchased the property and mined limestone and sand for decades. When the late Mr. Swistun passed in 1988, his vision was to create a park and space for the residents of East St Paul to enjoy. Through the 1990’s, the family created the park we see and experience today.

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Urban Forestry

Existence of long and short term planning, by-laws and standards for planting suitable trees, appropriate care practices: In 2020, the RM of East St Paul planted 157 boulevard trees. Species included; discovery elm, Amur cherry, Ohio buckeye, silver maple and American linden. Canadian Landscape Standards were followed in the installation of all trees. The RM also completed their first pruning program, which included close to 400 boulevard trees. No boulevard trees were planted in 2021. The RM will conduct a fall pruning program, which follows ANSI-A300 pruning standards.

RM of East St Paul - Environmental Action - CIB MB Photo Essay Content 2021

Environmental Action

Waste reduction, sewage disposal, recycling, composting, integrated pest management (IPM) and water conservation: The RM of East St Paul is an active Climate Action community. In 2021, the RM installed 10 floating islands within two storm water retention basins. The RM of East St Paul is the first community to implement this strategy for SRBs. In 2021, the RM installed 1,400 linear meter of cattail and bull rushes within the Eagle Creek pond system.

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Maintenance of buildings and structures, removal of litter, weeds and graffiti: The RM of East St Paul is committed to the maintenance and upkeep of buildings and structures, ensuring all users have great experiences. In 2021, the RM committed to upgrading the Arena Lobby and Washrooms, installing two new play structures, resurfacing the arena basketball court and installing irrigation within diamonds 4 and 5 within our Soccer and baseball Complex.

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Floral Displays

General beautification with beds, containers and ornamental displays, SHOW US YOUR YELLOW HOPE GARDEN!  In 2021, the RM of East Paul planted over 2000 annuals to beautify our community. Rm staff planted annuals within ten planters and six hanging baskets on Birds Hill Rd. Planters are located throughout the RM at entryways into neighborhoods and at RM-owned facilities.