​Hope is Growing 2021 Photo Essay Program

Portage la Prairie

Portage la Prairie - Cenotaph - CIB MB Photo Essay Content
Portage la Prairie - Cenotaph - CIB MB Photo Essay Content
Portage la Prairie - Duck Pond - CIB MB Photo Essay Content

Many projects have been undertaken and completed in our city. We have a gardening club now. Projects completed include planting/maintaining Manitoba 150 bed; weekly contest for downtown businesses and non-profits with winners highlighted in the local newspaper. At the Cenotaph Site there has been enhancement of the site using a Community Grant, including plantings; also completed was a wider concrete path to and surrounding the memorial, memorial base repairs, addition of flower beds, and addition of vines and a Maple tree donated by the Lioness Club.

Landscaped Areas

Refurbishment of Island Park Duck Pond:

  • Waterfall; landscaping, perennials, many local businesses donated
  • Large deck with pergola. Materials donated by local Rona.
  • Maintenance by local business employees, summer students and Gardening Portage members

Sunset Palliative Care garden: doubled size, new hardscaping, landscaping, incorporated historical Lundy fountain

Heritage Conservation

  • High School students designed signs highlighting Crescent Lake biology
  • Keeshkeemaquah reserve chosen as a Canadian Residential School Museum of Canada, it will be situated in the former Portage Indian residential school.
  • The historic Wallace Mausoleum repaired
  • Historical picture book received book award

Urban Forestry

  • Plans are underway to identify, label trees in the Park Arboretum
  • Local funeral home install trees in memory of those passed on

Environmental Action

  • New permanent disposal for hazardous materials such as paint and electronics
  • City doing feasibility study for curbside composting
  • New business for composting services


  • New downtown sidewalks, benches and planters. Trees replaced.
  • Downtown raised vegetable beds – supplies vegetables, herbs to those community members in need

Floral Displays

  • Many floral displays throughout our city
  • City hanging baskets downtown